Friday, February 4, 2011

i'm naked AGAIN.

great, just great.

so... on my usual trip to american apparel, i saw these "winter leggings" and got excited. i am so ride-or-die for leggings... i will wear them even if they go out of style. they are so comfy, cute and go with almost everything in my wardrobe. i think i might have single-handedly kept AA in business with my stretchy pants purchases...

so, back to the winter leggings. 99% off leggings wearing women will be able to relate to me on this one... your average leggings become see-thru when you bend over (hello, boys!) or when a flashbulb hits them. kinda not what your going for, right? well... these AA leggings are the opposite. not only are they weather appropriate, super soft and flattering (higher waist, instant tummy tuck!) but they are see thru proof. i know this, i did the bend over test in the mirror (that sounded weird.)

ok so i got a little off track to the actual story i wanted to tell... i bought 2 pairs without trying them on... black and latte. i figured latte would be the taupey-grey-greige colour i've liked lately. but i was wrong. really wrong. do you remember the time i wore my peach leggings and people thought i was naked in the mall? this is the 2nd coming of the peachies... naked. again.


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