Friday, November 21, 2008

Need Vs Want

'tis the season for me to stop being greedy... and to TRY think of others. so i'm trying not to spend all my money selfishly like i normally world. i need to grow up and... save. *sobs*

so i'm putting a little list together of... Need Vs. Want to allocate my minimal funds (normally it would all fall under "need")...


christmas gifts (mom + dad + select friends)
new winter boots
black leather jacket
plane ticket to LA
silk scarves (Hermes would be pushing it, wouldn't it...)
American Apparel Circle scarf (shuttup, it is a NEED)
Johnny Depp


SingStar games
PSP2 (i need this to play SingStar...)
over the knee black suede fringe boots
Swarovski Princess ring
the new Oprah book (it seems inspirational, what??)
Guerlain Terracotta Bronzer (soft matte suntan pls)

NEEDS/WANTS that became HAVES recently

sequin berets (black & silver!) - super cute
over the knee grey suede boots - thanks eBay
American Apparel batwing hoodie... trying to buy that right now online... (maybe i should get the Circle Scarf too ;)

these lists could go on and on... but these are some particular items that have been on my mind lately...

so feel free to help me out here, ok? :)


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